About Me

I'm a college student in the pursue of a Accountant Degree. While in school I always come across women who are not fond of themselves. The main reason is because they are not satisfied with their hair. These females have relaxed hair and they are in the process of finding out who they are. Well in order to find out who you are you have to first GET TO YOUR ROOTS, literally.

When you go natural you figure out a lot about yourself, your more confident...you find yourself. Before I started to go natural my hair was straight and flat and always the same, straight boredom. I started going natural when I first got pregnant with my little girl. I just didn't feel comfortable getting a perm while I was pregnant with her.
Rod Set with a Flat Ironed Bang

Transition-Flat Ironed

 But just as quick as I had her, I put a relaxer in my head. Why I did that I still can not explain. This was the quickest my hair had ever grown. I was putting less heat to my head, and hardly had to go to a stylist. I know what your saying, WHAT IN THE WORLD WHERE YOU THINKING!?!
2 Days Later LOL

This time around I am dedicated to the entire process because I'm doing it for myself. I'm on a journey of living a healthy lifesyle: hair, food, exercise (the entire nine yards). We should all dedicate ourselves to a healthier lifestyle because it will make our years here on earth even longer. So come on ladies, we will do this together to make our lives better.


  1. You may think i'm lying but up under my weave my hair is completely natural and I actually have a good grain of natural hair but i'm ashamed to wear it because its not what i'm used to.

    1. Well do you know your hair type? This will help you get the products you need for your hair, and it will be easier for you to find videos of what to do with your hair. I have posted different styles you can do on my home page, just click on the link. You just gotta find styles that fit you, just embrace the lovely hair God gave you. I'll help you if you want.