Product Reviews

I received samples of products in the mail at the  beginning of my transition, so I decided to let you know how they worked on my hair.


I have been using the conditioning shampoo, masque conditioner, daily hydrating conditioner, and leave-in conditioner. I really really love these products. Before using these products I was using sulfate shampoos, but these are sulfate-free products. DermOrganic products left my hair super soft and it took way less time to air dry. I will be purchasing these products really soon. Below is the video review, check it out!!!

Jane Carter's Nourish and Shine

I have been using this every single time I washed my hair for the last week and a half. I use it to seal in the moisture so my hair doesn't look so dry, which I learned from CurlyNikki. Nourish and Shine does just that with just a little amount. My hair is always moisturized after I set it, when it is usually frizzy and dry.YES...FINALLY!!! I will be purchasing this product online also.

Organix Coconut Milk

I bought this product from CVS Pharmacy last week. I use this also to seal in the moisture into my hair, and for a more silky feel. I first used it when I flat-ironned my hair and that was the silkest my hair has felt outside of the salon. This week I used it on my twist-n-curl and it had the same effect...AMAZING!!! Love this product and will continue to use it throughout my LIFE.

Miss Jessie's Free Samples

I received free samples of three of Miss Jessie's products from their website. You get to choose which three you would like to try and I choose the following: Curly Buttercreme, Baby Buttercreme, and Super Sweetback Treatment. Included with your free samples is a product guide, styling guide, and a bag...I LOVE FREE STUFF!!! Since receiving the products I have used the Curly Buttercreme, which I am absolutely in love with. It gives great definition to the curl and great hold too; who doesn't like a little double action from their products? Below is the video review, check it out!!!


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