I have been wondering how in the world am I going to get my hair trimmed while I am transitioning. I'LL JUST DO IT MYSELF!!! Below is a video which was done by kikicouture10, who is also another blogger.

When using Feyes Self-Trimming Method you can trim your hair into three different ways:

Straight Across

Personnally I think it is better for you to trim your own hair because you know how much hair you want to take off. When going to the salon or letting a friend do it you a skeptical because you are scared that they will cut off more then you want them to. Do your head a favor, DO IT YOURSELF!!!

May 16,2012

I just tried the this method of self-trim on my own head and I don't have anything negative to say. I cut off exactly how much I wanted to cut off, no more no less. Pictures of my self-trim are below, as you will be able to see, I decided to do the V-Shaped method.

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