Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Perfect Braid-Out on Transitioning Hair

Are you transitioning but do not know what to do with your hair? Well I have the perfect style for you to do. This hairstyle will camouflage your two textures while giving you a banging hairstyle.

Products Needed: 

Paul Mitchell Original The Conditioner
Elasta QP Olive Oil and Mango Butter Moisturizer
Jane Carter Nourish and Shine
Curls Passion Fruit Control Paste (Optional)
Perm Rods
Bobby Pins
Scarf or Bonnet (Sleep with)

Now let's get started

Step 1: Wash, Condition, and Deep Condition
Step 2: Put your hair into four sections to make it easier to manage (each section will make about 3 or 4 braids each)
Step 3: Take a section out of the section in which you will braid
Step 4: Spritz section with water if getting dry
Step 5: Layer on you products

  • Leave-in (Paul Mitchell)
  • Moisturizer (Olive Oil and Mango Butter)
  • Sealant (Nourish and Shine)
  • Edge Control only on the front braids (Passion Fruit Control Paste) -Optional
Step 6: Start braiding
Step 7: Stop braiding when you have about an inch or so left, and comb the ends (Add more product if needed). Then add your perm rods.
Step 8: Once completely done use bobby pins to pin down braids around your head, this will allow you to have less shrinkage.
Step 9: Tie down with a scarf or bonnet and sleep tight!!!

In the morning 

Step 10: Take off perm rods
Step 11: Put oil on fingers to lessen the frizz
Step 12: Unravel the braids slowly and gently so not to disturb  the curl patten created.
Step 13: Separate to desired fullness
Step 14 (Optional): Use a pick to pick the roots, remember don't disturb the curl!!!
Step 15: After you shaped it to your desired style your all done!!!

If you prefer a visual demonstration, I've got you covered. Just click play on the video below.

Hope you enjoy this easy tutorial!!!

p.s. Can also be done on relaxed hair.

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