Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Big Chop

For many of you who follow me on Youtube and Instagram already now that I've big chopped. I finally became comfortable enough with myself and took the plunge on July 24, 2013. Another reason why I went ahead and cut the relaxed ends off was because my husband was finally ready to see my curls. Finally right, took him long enough lol. I did not cut my ends off myself, I got a friend of mine from home to it when I visited. She is a licensed cosmetologist so I was totally comfortable with letting her cut my hair. Below is the video of my big chop and my reaction.

My first wash n go to me looked liked a total fail, but I kinda liked the results that it gave my curls. I was just not to fond of the shrinkage. I was not used to that much of a change in length. It has been about 1 1/2 month since my big chop I am really enjoying all that my natural hair has to offer. If you have done the big chop or are planning to please share your experience with us.

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