Wednesday, June 20, 2012

***3 Month Challenge***

I will be engaging in a 3 month challenge,inspired by kikicouture10, to grow healthier, longer hair. This challenge will entail in NO HEAT. This means no blow drying, no flat ironning, no hooded dryer either. For me this will be a challenge because my hair takes forever to dry at the roots. Sometimes about 2 days!!! But it wouldn't be a challenge if I wasn't pushed to new limits.

I will also be using true protective styles: senegalese twist and box braids. I'm doing this so my natural hair has the least amount of manipulation. Plus I won't have to do it lol.

I just purchased some hairdrenalin potion offline and will be incorporating this into my hair routine also. Some people don't agree with "potions," but do whatever works for you. I will be using it because it is all natural so I do not think it will do any damage to my hair.

Come join me on this 3 month challenge to healthier hair. I'm not saying that it will be easy, but the end results will be worth it.

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