Monday, July 23, 2012

1 Month Update On 3 Month Challenge

Earlier I announced that I was doing a 3 month challenge. This challenged involved me NOT using any heat, doing protective styles, and using hairdrenalin potion.
I am proud to announce that I have not used ANY heat on my hair thus far!!! When I do a deep condition I put a cap on, then wrap a towel around my head which makes its own heat. I always let my hair air dry, and if I don't want shrinkage I just let it dry in twist/braids.
I took out my Senegalese twists about two weeks of having them in, but I have been doing other styles like TNC, BNC, rod sets, and buns. I am really enjoying this!!! I plan on putting some Senegalese twists or box braids back in my hair after I trim in about 2 weeks.
I have been using my hairdrenalin 4-5 times a week. I won't know how much growth I have until I flat iron in October, but you can see how much natural hair growth I have when you watch my videos on YT.

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